By Te Karere


As whānau across the country recover from the annual Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, one Tūhoe personal trainer is challenging all dads to a Dad-Bod challenge.


Ray Brown has created the Dad-Bod Challenge to push for men to shed some weight in 12 weeks and says, “It's a lot more than just a physical transformation. I'm after changing these dads properly.”


The programme challenges physically and mentally, he also says, “It helps them actually become better fathers or better people in general.”


Although based in Australia, Brown has set up the course on the internet and his goal is to reach over 10,000 fathers and men, “The number of results, and the kind of results that can happen in this 12 weeks challenge, I know for a fact can help change that dad's life, or that male's life which then paying it forward change or influence what would happen potentially for the kid's life, as well as his family.”


The challenge starts on the 22nd of January. Visit to find out more.