Cliff Curtis' commitment to indigenous storytelling has been acknowledged at a prestigious awards event.

With almost 30 years in the screen industry, the actor says the market for indigenous storytelling is more viable than ever. 

In those decades he's acted in renowned Kiwi films, produced them and is now living in Los Angeles rubbing shoulders among the superstars of Hollywood.

However, he says it's great to be recognised for his expertise for indigenous storytelling.

"There's such a thing called storytelling and there's such a thing of indigenous storytelling and there is a distinction in a way and it requires commitment."

Curtis says the market now viable for our stories to be told.

"Ironically it's getting easier because it's commercially viable because when I started out 30 odd years ago that wasn't the case."

Last night, Curtis was presented with his award at the Kea World Class New Zealand Awards then will return back to his family and work in Los Angeles.