Former All Black and Māori All Black Captain Liam Messam is set to play his last season of rugby in NZ this year.

Liam Messam has been donning the Chiefs jersey for 13 years now; he’s the most capped player in Chiefs history.

And the Tūhoe descendant has signed with the French glamour club Toulon.

“I'm not the youngest man going around so I've got a bit more wisdom and a bit more knowledge or experience if the young fellas want a hand, I will help them out.”  

But his last hoorah with his beloved team will be at the Brisbane tens tournament.

“This will be my last time at the Chiefs and it's a team that I love dearly and it's a team and environment, that's all I've known since I was a young fella. So it's all I've had for the last 13 years. Every year I give my all for that team and I'll make sure that’ll be doing the same for this year in putting all my energy in and it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster, an emotional ride because it'll be my last time putting on that Chiefs jersey. I love every minute of it and I always get stuck in it.”

He and his team secured the trophy last year and the goal is to take it again for the second year running.

But more so, it’s about honouring his beloved friend Sione Lauaki who passed away last year.

“It was tough last year; it was very emotional and mentally draining. But yeah I'm just looking forward to getting back out there with the boys putting on that Chiefs jersey again for the first time of the year. So great way to start the season, hopefully, we'll get that win.”

The competition kicks off on the 9th of February.