'Always Graze When You Liaise' - that's the latest catch cry from social media personality William Waiirua.

Waiirua, real name William Cribb says it's a campaign targeting young people and aims to curb overindulgence in alcohol.

“When you’re out drinking just to graze every now and then, like before, throughout, obviously everyone does it after but it’s a bit after the fact.”

'Always Graze When You Liaise' is a joint campaign lead by Waiirua and Cheers NZ which is a campaign that encourages New Zealanders to eat while drinking alcohol

Waiirua is known for his funny humour and spunky dance moves. He is a formal social worker and says he wants to make an impact on this generation’s drinking habits.

“Getting out the positive word, the positive wairua and morale so yea I hope everyone can stay engaged and entertained and hopefully a good positive message goes across cause that’s what I’m trying to do and have fun while doing it.”

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue within Māoridom.

The campaign launched today in Dunedin. Campaign organisers hope that people take into consideration that eating is not cheating. One promo video is going to go online each week for the duration of March.