The change of ownership at the Warriors could trigger a revival in grassroots rugby league.

The purchase effectively places the club in the ownership of the rugby league community and there's hope this will give a much-needed boost to a game that is in dire straits at grassroots level.    

Cameron McGregor is the Chair of The Carlaw Park Heritage Trust, the big players in this deal.

He is also the Chair of Auckland Rugby League.

The general manager of ARL, Greg Whaiapu believes McGregor is someone who knows what the grassroots want and the challenges they are facing.

“We believe that right across New Zealand there is a decline in the game. We want to address it.with the purchase by Carlaw Heritage Trust of the Warriors; Auckland Rugby League can now have a discussion with the Warriors and New Zealand Rugby League to look at ways to mitigate the drain.”

The goal is to establish a competition below the Warriors and Whaiapu says that’s something they’re all driving for.

“We want to provide a competition between what is our Fox competition and the Warriors competition and we believe filling that gap with a semi-professional competition will provide that opportunity for players to stay longer.”

Time will tell whether these opportunities arise.