Carol Hirschfeld has resigned from her senior management role at Radio NZ over discrepancies around a meeting with Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran late last year.

Questions are now being raised by the leader of the opposition, National Party leader Simon Bridges, about what was said in the meeting and what this means for the new Broadcasting Minister and her role.

Curran maintains the meeting was scheduled and says it wasn’t something that happened by chance.

“On two occasions on the first and second of March, my office contacted RNZ to raise the issue of the inconsistency between Ms Hirschfeld’s account and my own.”

Radio NZ bosses say Hirschfeld told them the meeting was coincidental but on Sunday informed them that the meeting was pre-arranged.

Te Karere understands some staff who worked under Hirschfeld are shocked at her resignation but CEO Paul Thompson said in a statement that he is disappointed at what has happened and wants to set the record straight about what happened.

National leader Simon Bridges says he wants to know the full story.

“There are serious questions here and I want to get to the bottom of it.”

Hirschfeld's resignation now leaves only a few Māori staff at the national broadcaster.