The government has pledged a major funding boost to keep whānau and children safe as part of its pre-budget announcements.

The government has set aside $76 million in funding for family violence services, an increase of 30% and PM Jacinda Ardern says the money be distributed over four years to 150 providers.

“I’m announcing a nearly 30% increase in baseline funding for 150 agencies half of the refuges working on the front line with victims and perpetrators every day.”

South Auckland provider Safer Aotearoa welcomes the move and provides services for all peoples affected by family violence within Auckland to Franklin districts welcome the booster.

Spokesperson Raewyn Bhana believes a portion of the new fund should focus solely on Māori, as Māori are over-represented negatively within the sector.

“It’s not easy and I hope that those of us who do the mahi do get a slice of that pie and the government actually have a look at their statistics.”

Child poverty was also in the announcement and it is anticipated that more funding for family poverty in next week’s budget will be announced as the PM wishes to reduce child poverty to historic lows.