We're one day out from the Labour-led government delivering its first budget, but here's what we know so far: There'll be a $76 million funding boost for family violence service providers, $714 million allocated toward foreign aid in the government's commitment to the "pacific reset" and $15 million set aside for the national forestry service Te Uru Rākau.

Labour's Māori Caucus has been working with Finance Minister Grant Robertson to bring about benefits for Māori families.

Robertson says Labour is acutely aware that the cost of living has gone up.

“You'll see when the families package is fully rolled out that low-income families are the ones who will benefit the most from that package. We've certainly recognised that are increases in the cost of living, and that's why we retargeted those tax cuts to be about investment in middle and low-income families.”

Although money has been set aside for the families’ package, to fix homelessness, to lift the destitute out of poverty, National MP Tutehoronuku Korako says the opposition still has doubts.

“So as we know we've had some pre-budget announcements already in regards to Māori. There was housing first, the second one was the family violence reduction, and the third one was youth employment. Now, when we look at all of these were not quite sure though whether it's new money, whether it's been funds that have been redirected, or whether it's actually relabelled programmes.”

On Thursday, the full details of the budget will be released.