Tomorrow is the big day when the Labour-led government will release their first budget.

Some of Labour's Māori MPs promise that there will plenty of benefits for Māori which will mainly come in the form of the families’ package that the Finance Minister Grant Robertson says addresses the increasing costs of living.

The Prime Minister says that she wants to spread the wealth around so that no one misses out.

“They can expect that we will follow through on making sure that we have a strong economy, delivering on surpluses, buildings and rebuilding those foundations for the future - particularly around health, housing and education - all those things that help New Zealanders and New Zealand thrive.”

Opposition leader Simon Bridges came across a bit cynical, saying that the good stewardship of the books is the reason why the government in financial enough to deliver, but then he claims they'll be raising the taxes.

“I think we can expect to see more taxing and more borrowing, more spending and a bit of hoping actually from them. I expect to see more money in health and education - anything government worth its salt would be investing in those areas. Given the strong legacy that they've got, a couple of rabbits can come out of the hat.”

The opposition is also slamming the government claiming they've over promised and under delivered around KiwiBuild house price caps and doctors’ fees.

Tomorrow all the details will be revealed, the financials, the rabbits, and whatever else the government have in store to reveal.