Today is the final day of campaigning for the eight candidates contending for the MP position in the Northcote electorate.

The Northcote seat has long been the National Party's stronghold for the last five elections and National candidate Dan Bidois firmly believes he's got what it takes to keep the seat blue and is feeling quite upbeat about the campaign.


"Very positive the feedback has been amazing I'm not taking anything for granted so make sure you go out and vote today and tomorrow and vote for Dan Bidois for Northcote."


Bidois is making sure that every moment counts as his campaigning winds down. Accompanying him today were party leader Simon Bridges and deputy leader Paula Bennett.


"So we've got our leader my boss Simon Bridges in the electorate we going to be walking around Beach Haven meeting voters and then out to Birkenhead."


The candidate for Northcote is grateful for the support the party has given him in his bid.


"Oh nah, I'm just feeling really energised that we've got the whole party behind us.


"We've had every MP in this electorate over the past wee while. It's just a fantastic response from the National Party."


Simon Bridges also praised Bidois.


"I think it's feeling really good we've got the best candidate he's a real champion in the area.


"We have put in a lot of hard yards and obviously what we need is people to turn out tomorrow and to vote and do their democratic duty."


Transport, traffic congestion, fuel taxes and local investment for Northcote are all a part of his campaign platform.

Early turn out to vote has been strong in the electorate but Bridges re-emphasizes the importance of voting. 

If Bidois wins it will solidify National's position as the largest single party in Parliament but whether not he can do much in opposition is the question.  


"There's been a strong early turnout but tomorrow is still a very important day it's really important that they do get out and they do exercise their democratic right and vote in this by-election."


Campaign signs will be removed by midnight tonight. Voting takes place from 9 am tomorrow.