It will be 40 years since the end of the occupation of Bastion Point aka Takaparawha.

It was a dark day in our country's history as hundreds of police ended the occupation by forcibly removing protesters from the site.

Sharon Hawke, saw it all happen and says despite government plans to evict and vilify them, Ngāti Whātua still holds on to the land they fought for.

Joe Hawke was elected by the iwi to lead them in protecting the land.

Sharon says she'll never forget how her father was treated by the Prime Minister of the day.

“Muldoon was Prime Minister back the time, had plans to develop the land for the wealthy. He gave status to my father as the country’s enemy number one.”

And while the occupation was hard, she says life was no easier afterwards.

“The process of debriefing took many years. No one would give him a job, for many years. So my mother worked and took as many jobs as she could.”

Despite all that, Sharon says in the years since the iwi has thrived on the land as a post-settlement iwi.

But the fight to hold on to their land continues.

On Friday the 25th of May, the iwi will mark 40 years since day 507, the day they were evicted by force. Ngāti Whātua