The Viva Prix De Fashion Show is one of the highlights of Auckland Cup Week at Ellerslie Race Course.

The event is a glitzy affair that showcases high-end fashion.

Race day isn't just for horses - fashion is always a competition, and Māori designer Te Ata Presteen-Marshall is excited to enter for the first time.

Te Ata Presteen-Marshall has worked with fashion for around 45 years, but at 60, she decided to challenge herself and enter the fashion show at the Ellerslie Derby Day, but it's no walk in the park.  

Presteen-Marshall's garment shows a Māori print, in the traditional derby day black and white. She says there were many hurdles to overcome.  

“I had a few choice words coming out in the lounge so I was just glad to be at home by myself because, oh my god! But hey, it's a challenge because it's a challenge for me and just knows that hey, I can do it!”

She missed out on the top prize, but what's important to her is honouring her mother and her skills in clothing design.

“It's mum, she gave me the ability, I just thank her. You know, she just gave me the ability to show my creative side.”

A beautiful example for other Māori designers to follow.