Welcome back to Anamata, this special Te Karere series where we look ahead to the big political events of 2018. Today presenter Scotty Morrison talks politics with our political reporter Eruera Rerekura.


Scotty: Eru, the political new year always starts in your neck of the woods in Rātana tell us about that.


Eruera: That's right Scotty, the Rātana faithful gather at Rātana Pā for the commemoration of T.W.Ratana.


This will be the first time for Jacinda Ardern as prime minister to visit Rātana. Labour and the Rātana Church and Labour have a connection so the Rātana faithful will be pleased to welcome the prime minister.


Scotty: Then there's Waitangi a few weeks later?


Eruera: Indeed, that'll be the first visit for the Prime Minister to Waitangi. Apparently, she'll be welcomed at Te Whare Rūnanga - the marae above, but elders have agreed that Ms Ardern can also be welcomed at Te Tī Marae.


Scotty: Labour have made some promises that are expected to happen next year as well?


Eruera: Labour has promised to fix the problem in relation to the housing shortage.


They've pledged to build 100,00 homes in 10 years, and promised they'll be affordable.


But many believe Labour won’t meet that goal.


Scotty: Apparently the Regional Economic and Forestry Minister Shane Jones will be rolling out a one billion dollar fund for a work for the dole scheme?


Eruera: Yes that focuses on finding work for the unemployed in forestry. Mr Jones says he's getting fed up with young Māori sitting around and being lazy. So we'll see if it has any benefits.


Scotty: And finally Eru, you broke the story about the Children's Minister agreeing to some form of inquiry into the abuse of state care victims?


Eruera Yes indeed, the Children's Minister Tracy Martin told me that it makes sense to start an inquiry into the abuse of children by the caregivers.


Those people who were abused marched on parliament this year requesting that the government apologise, but the former minister Anne Tolley declined to give an apology.