Gisborne-based Amanti is a small Māori business specialising in tourism and technology. Ngāti Porou Holding Company owns a 40% stake in the company and their tumu whakarae Andrew Te Whaiti says they try to identify iconic brands the world over to talk technology and tourism.

"We approach them about becoming a visitor experience that becomes intergenerational to tell a story about their brand."

"Done the right way," Te Whaiti adds, "developing visitor experiences that are authentic, true to story to the land and to the people, there is a very good market for that."

Irish cabinet minister Jim Daly visited Amanti while he was in the East Coast city as a part of a mission to look for new trade and business opportunities between Ireland and New Zealand. 

It seems a fitting visit as Amanti are already conducting deals with businesses in Ireland.

"We've being going to Ireland for just under a year now and it's been a fantastic experience. Not too dissimilar to NZ, the people, the land, the culture, and of course there's a lot of Kiwis with rugby up there as well. It's like a second home so were excited to be working up there."

Gisborne attracts around 300,000 visitors a year, giving the local economy a boost. There are hopes that new businesses like Amanti will help to grow tourism opportunities for the city. Te Whaiti says that there is potential that through collaboration everyone benefits.

"There's a great nucleus of the industry here and what we're trying to do is if we can develop one or two other opportunities that means we can package all those together with the existing operators and that means thre will be a whole lift up in the industry and that will be fantastic."

It is a case of watch this space as Amanti and other businesses hope to build more economic prosperity for Gisborne and the wider East Coast.