The aftermath of Cyclone Fehi has hit most parts of the country, but it was towns and cities in the South Island that copped the worst of it.

A state of emergency was declared in Dunedin and was lifted yesterday morning.

Around 36mm of rain fell in two hours which overwhelmed part of the city's sewage system putting hundreds of homes at risk of contamination.

Although the threat of evacuation has been averted, residents have been advised to stay clear of the Leith River due to sewage-contaminated floodwaters.

Meanwhile, a state of emergency was also declared in Westland due to road damage, slips and fallen power lines.

600 tourists were trapped in Haast, and over a hundred in Fox Glacier.

Contractors worked hard to access the stranded travellers.

The storm also caused major disruptions in Christchurch yesterday morning with power cut to 600 homes in the garden city.