The All Blacks Sevens say they're excited about the Sevens tournament's new venue that was held in Wellington for many years.

Joe Webber, who was born in Tokoroa which is about an hour from the new home of the Hamilton Sevens, Waikato Stadium, was very positive about the competition’s move.

“I've always thought it would be a good spot for it, nice and small and not too big.”

Webber was picked to be on the team by Coach Clark Laidlaw to replace Andrew Knewstubb.

He's excited to wear the black jersey again and believes that his people will show up to support him.

Despite the pressures on Etene Nanai, he's also on the team, Laidlaw is confident that he is going to play an important part in the team's fortunes.

“I’m excited; despite everything going on outside. He will get some time for us.”

The tournament kicks off on Saturday and first up is France.