With a history of systematic failures, the previous National government replaced Child Youth and Family with Oranga Tamariki. It’s been a year since the change , and there is now a Labour government at the helm.

So what's changed?

In the past year, an extra 327 social workers have been brought on, taking the total of social workers to 1,485.

25% of the workforce is of Māori descent

However, there has also been an increase of 500 children in state care in New Zealand bringing the total number of children in state care to a high of 6100. 70% of those in state care are of Māori descent.

Oranga Tamariki CEO Grainne Moss says due to this increase there are more frontline staff than ever.

“50% of the rise, which is almost 500, is due to the age increase, due to more children coming into care.

We've had more staff on the front line than in five years.”

With that, Moss also says more work still needs to be done for Oranga Tamariki and their five-year journey.