Tales of Nai Nai

Tales of Nai Nai

Kiwi twins Maggie and Michael go on amazing adventures all over Asia through their grandmother's magical stories. They meet new friends and foes while learning about bravery, being strong together and embracing their heritage.

Tales of Nai Nai
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Hui to Go

    G An angry tornado is heading straight towards a small village in China. Maggie, Michael and a brave villager named Hui must figure out how save everyone with the help of an amazing family invention before this very special village is destroyed.

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      • Anything's a Snack

      G While Baobao works on her secret famous food show, the twins travel to high-tech Singapore where they meet a state of the art robot dog and its overzealous inventor.

      • Not an Upgrade

      G The twins learn that new things aren't always better than old things when a suspicious new superhero tries to take Superpanda's place.

      • Job Well Done

      G The twins are wasting precious water, so Nai Nai sends them to the Gobi Desert to join an ambitious snake on a quest to find water. Meanwhile, Baobao bravely fights off a band of sneaky sand pirates!

      • The Incredible Trunk

      G In the rainforest of Cambodia, Maggie and Baobao team up with a local superhero to help save Michael from a super slippery situation.

      • Peace Out, Snow Plough

      G Maggie and Michael start a prank battle against each other, but what happens when things go wrong and the Magical Yaks can't use their magical powers to make it right?

      • Fire Up the Karaoke

      G Unimpressed that their parents are pressuring them to become badminton champions, the twins return to the Philippines where Ricardo is facing a similar situation with his parents.

      • Very Good Monster Hunters

      G While the twins brave their big, dark house alone on a spooky Halloween night, Nai Nai and Dadi Masi have an adventure of their own in Sri Lanka.

      • Spooky Noodles

      G The twins don't like Nai Nai's far fetched stories that always end in chaos or doom, but when their friend Hui needs their help, Nai Nai's stories begin to make sense.

      • It's Called Improvision

      G The twins refuse to work together, so Nai Nai sends them to Korea to help a talented pair of sisters who need to use teamwork to perfect their famous neolttwigi routine.

      • Home Is Where the Dog Is

      G The twins wish their home was as magical as the places they visit in Asia. While helping a runaway lantern find an exciting new home, they soon realise that there is actually magic everywhere.