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Swamp People

Alligator hunters in the Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana, risk life and limb to earn their keep in the gruelling 30-day hunting season.

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Swamp People
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    Season 6, Episode 20
    • Saturday 15 Jun

    MC Season Finale: On the final day of the season, two families rally their troops to challenge and inspire each other - ensuring their success for the season. One hunter reassembles her team once again to help her.

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      • Saturday 19 Jan

      PG Swampers fight massive alligators and Mother Nature attempting to win "The Bounty on the Bayou". One hunter heads deep into the swamp to catch a legendary reptile.

      • Saturday 26 Jan

      PG When boat traffic makes it impossible to run lines, hunters must adjust tactics and abandon plans in order to fill their tags.

      • Saturday 2 Feb

      G To avoid floodwaters, one team makes a life threatening decision to head deep into the swamp. Another team is forced to open water hunt after their territory is choked off by swamp grass.

      • Saturday 9 Feb

      PG Rising water levels cause large gators to head into newly flooded areas; One team goes into a dangerous canal in hopes of catching a bounty winning gator.

      • Saturday 16 Feb

      PG One team goes looking for a brash, one-eyed gator they have been after for years.

      • Saturday 23 Feb

      PG Hunters are forced to out-think crafty gators that are too smart to take their bait. One team decides to use cannibalised gator as bait to lure in a vicious gator-eating monster.

      • Saturday 2 Mar

      PG Hunters are forced to track down some extra shrewd gators - and trusted deckhands step up to save the day.

      • Saturday 9 Mar

      PG Hunters journey into unknown, hostile areas of the swamp. One team, acting on a tip from a local buyer, heads to an area believed to be cursed. Another team visits a hazardous storm-altered marsh.

      • Saturday 16 Mar

      PG One hunter battles poachers by setting lines with no locator ribbons and relies on the "Swamp GPS" in his head to find them. Another team has a tense stand off with a hunter in the swamp.

      • Saturday 30 Mar

      PG One team hunts a legendary cursed monster that has been wreaking havoc on a local crawfisherman. A second team struggles to day after a series of injuries.

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