Ex-army veteran, Tony, is the third contender eliminated from Survivor New Zealand.

In the third Redemption Island duel, the nimble Izzy beat him to the finish. 

Connected to a piece of rope, Tony and Izzy had to wind their way through a complex agility course, dodging obstacles and untying knots. 

Izzy's youth and agility gave her a substantial lead over Tony, despite his gallant efforts. 

Tony accepted his loss like a champ. He was gutted, but he still wished everyone in the game all the best. 

He said "I'm feeling a little disappointed that my journey has come to an end, a bit sooner than I'd planned." 


A former Sergeant and Instructor, Tony was known around the camp for having the gift of the gab.

He's spent many years in the outdoors, including a few in the tropics. He was considered one of the most equipped contestants for surviving the conditions. 

Tony quickly took on a leadership role in the Mogoton camp, putting his years of knowledge to good use. 


Tony was sent to Redemption Island, after receiving a majority of Mogoton's votes. (Including a vote from Shay, a member of what he thought was a tight four alliance.) 

He won his first duel against former tribe-mate Hannah, but wasn't successful the second time around. 

He may not have secured a win, but he got a chance to confront his betrayer, Shay, outing her as the "weakest link" in the tribe.

Unfortunately for Tony, he will never get his chance to duel Shay. It's back to his wife, dogs and six cockatiels in Gisborne, with the hope of seeing Shay's head on the chopping block next.