16 contestants, 39 days - only 3 remain!

Tom, Avi, and Barb have done what 13 others couldn’t.
They are the final three Survivors going into the live finale, where New Zealand’s first Sole Survivor will be revealed.

Queen B’s strong strategic game, Tom’s ongoing immunity wins, and Avi’s loyal alliances brought these three to the top.
Now they must plead their case to their former Tribe mates.

Unfortunately, Goliath Mike and viral cop Nate couldn’t sway the votes at their final Tribal Councils.
They've joined the other eliminated Casar members on the Survivor Jury.

Having spent 17 days on Redemption Island Mike was ready to fight when he finally rejoined the Casar Tribe.
However, crucial Immunity win in Tom’s favour meant Mike was left scrambling.He put all hope into lynchpin Barb.
Unfortunately for Mike, his persuasion didn’t work. Goliath was well and truly taken out.

Nate too had just rejoined the Tribe, after being voted out a mere 72 hours earlier.
He couldn’t convince Barb, his partner in crime, to vote with him either.

The final Immunity Challenge came down to Tom and Avi in a balancing act.
After Tom blacked out, Avi was granted Immunity, and was first to secure his spot in the Top 3.
Nate, knew that he had to swing Barb’s vote. He pulled out all the stops, but couldn’t break the strong 3-way alliance. So he too joined the Jury.

The power in this game now shifts to the Jury.
The Top 3 will be judged by the game they’ve played, the friends they’ve made, and the people they’ve betrayed.

The Grand Final will take us back to Nicaragua, to the very last Tribal Council.
Here, the Top 3 will have the chance to have their final, befpre the Jury before cast their votes.
Back at the Civic Theatre in Auckland, the votes will be revealed.
One person will walk away with $100,000 and the title of New Zealand’s first ever Sole Survivor!