A moment's mental block saw Shannon defeated by her former allies.

The 24-year-old zookeeper, Shannon, became the third member of the Jury, after being defeated by Mike and Jak in the latest Redemption battle.

Balancing on a small wooden perch, the three ex-Hermosa tribe mates had to keep one hand raised above their head, attached to a large bucket filled with water. The first player to drop their arm would be out of the game for good. 


Shannon started the game strong, but 15 minutes in, signs of fatigue started to show. 

Just as Jak was about to crumble, Shannon lost concentration. Her arm dipped just enough to pull the bucket of water free, soaking her and eliminating her from the game. 


Shannon played a strong, strategic game. 

She was responsible for making some big game-changing plays, including turning on her original alliance when she voted against Mike and Lee.


After drawing a black Buff during the Tribe Switch, Shannon was sent to Redemption Island for the first time. 

On returning to the competition, she was left scrambling to build new alliances and convincingly play both sides. 

Ultimately, it was her scheming and betrayals that caused the Tribe to vote her out. 


Aside from her one mental block, Shannon was happy with how far she came in the game. 

She said, "I'm feeling pretty gutted. If I was going to go out, I really wanted to go as a strong competitor. I feel like my performance here was just shocking, I just wasn't mentally there. But I'm proud of how far I've come. For a girl from little old Geraldine, making it to day 30, I'm proud of that.

"It's been a great journey. I've met some great people and I've had so much fun being in this game."