Survivor New Zealand's youngest competitor has officially exited the show, after medical advisors deemed her unfit to continue.

19-year-old farmer Lousia McClintock's health began to deteriorate quickly, in Sunday night's episode. 

She went from being a strong competitor in the Reward Challenge, to barely being able to speak. Back at Mogoton camp, Lou hasd trouble standing up. 

Medics took her away for further assessment, unable to identify exactly what had caused her illnesss. 

Matt Chisholm broke the news to the other competitors, and passed on a message from Lou. She said "I'm sorry, but obviously my health comes first." 

Lou's Mogoton team mates were sad to see her go. Sala said "she's our little sister, and we'll really miss her at camp. We're really gutted, but happy that she's recovering and where she needs to be." We couldn't agree more. 

Lou signed up for Surivor New Zealand because she wanted to test her boundaries. She said, "I love a great adventure, and a challenge. It's amazing to go on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I feel I will appreciate things more in life after this, and never take anything for granted." 

Since leaving the show, Lou has been back on her farm in Cheviot, North Canterbury. She's looking forward to her next adventure, which will see her travelling across the North Island.