It was Shay versus Goliath and the Joker, in the Redemption Duel that sent her packing.

Shay was already looking a  bit defeated when she arrived in the battle arena.
She needed to outlast either Mike or Jak to stay in the competition.

In the latest duel, contenders had to balance two long metal poles, between their hands and a wooden plank above them.
Even the slightest movement would result in the poles falling, knocking the competitor out of the game.
Unfortunately, it was Shay who moved first. She lost her poles,  and her shot at $100,000.

During her time on the island, Shay had to fight many battles to keep herself in the game.
Although she never won any challenges, she was proud with how she played.

Leaving Redemption Island, she said "I know my potential, I know my worth. I'm proud of who I am, proud of where I came from, and proud to be a Mormon. I have nothing but love for everyone here." 

She promptly wrapped up the exit procedures, joking about what's next for her.
As she put her Buff in the fire, Shay said "I need to go call my husband and binge on some brownies!" 

On Day One the question was asked, who would be willing to be the villain, if it meant winning the game. 
Shay raised her hand, but it went unnoticed. 
She went on to make some strong alliances that kept her in the competition for 34 long days. 

Shay was the tenth person eliminated, and the fourth to join the Jury. 

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