In a tense Redemption Island challenge, nice girl Izzy was sent packing. 

It was neck and neck in the latest Redemption Island challenge.

Izzy was sent home after losing the balancing challenge, only seconds before her rival, Georgia.  

After 14 days in the competition, Izzy was the fifth person to be eliminated. 

She took the loss on the chin, having only positive things to say about the experience. 

"I'm alright. Obviously it sucks losing, but I really appreciate the time I've had on Survivor. I've learnt so much, I've met so many wonderful people. I've changed a lot, and I feel like I'm stronger after being here." 

The oil rig stewardess and beauty pageant queen was underestimated by her Mogoton tribe early on in the game. She felt she was constantly having to prove herself around camp and in team challenges. 

On the first day, Izzy made herself known with her quick thinking, stealing a haul of food and tools from rival tribe Hermosa's collection. She then returned a knife to them for good grace. 

Izzy played a strong physical game, lasting longer than many others in the wall-standing challenge. She also beat ex-tribe mate Tony in her first Redemption duel through a rope obstacle course. 

Izzy was well-liked by her tribe and viewers alike. She pulled on our heartstrings when she made a sand cake to celebrate Sala's daughter's birthday back home.