Survivor New Zealand lost one of its most charismatic players in the most recent elimination. 

Honest man Sala suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the Redemption Island memory battle. 

He found himself fighting to stay in the game, after suffering the biggest Tribal Council blindside yet. A big move instigated by dark horse, Barb.


The duel was a simple memory test. Scattered in the arena were pairs of matching symbols.

Each round, players had to select two tiles. If they matched, they earned a point. First to five was declared the winner. 

Unofortunately, Sala was unlucky from the get-go. He turned over all the tiles Mike needed. 


After 25 days in the competition, Sala became the eighth person to be eliminated. 

He will be the second member to sit on the Jury, alongside Lee.


Sala congratulated Mike with his signature bear hug. 

He then turned to his fellow Survivors to reflect on his time in the game. 

He said, "it's not every day people pluck an Otara-born Samoan out of Aotearoa, chuck him in Central America to hook with some random Kiwis and try to survive."

"I feel really blessed. I am proud that I stuck to who I am. I said I was going to play this game with honour, and I feel like I did that."


Sala then threw his buff in the fire, gracious until the very end. 

He gave his love and respect to the remaining players, before leaving the arena to loud applause. 


Sala will remain in Nicaragua until the final Tribal Council on Day 39. 

Lee, himself and their five other eliminated team mates will then decide who becomes New Zealand's first Sole Survivor.