Avi Duckor-Jones proves that nice guys can finish first.

After 40 days in the Nicaraguan jungle, Avi has been crowned as New Zealand’s first ever Sole Survivor.

The youth expedition leader from Wellington outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed 15 other Kiwis.
He battled it out in the ultimate test of endurance, strength and strategy. 

It was Avi's dream to be on Survivor New Zealand, and he was humbled by his win.
“I am so incredibly excited, and honoured to be the first ever New Zealand Sole Survivor.
This entire experience has been a dream realised. I am so grateful to have been able to participate.
Thank you to everyone who has been watching and rooting for me, and a huge thank you to my tribe mates who made this the amazing experience that it was.”

An early fan-favourite, Avi is a trained wilderness first responder.
He'd previously spent nine months directing a school in West Africa, and had led many back-country trips around the world.
Then he landed a spot on Survivor, as one of the 8,500 people who applied for the show.

From day one, Avi made strong alliances. He played a solid strategic game.
He won when it counted, in the final crucial Immunity Challenge, which secured his place in the final three.

Final competitors Tom and Barb couldn't fault Avi or his gameplay.
Tom, who had been close with Avi since day one said “Avi and I had a long journey together. In the end, I was beaten by a good friend that I respect, and that's a humbling feeling. At least I know there will always be a free beer for me in the Wairarapa.”

Barb, although a late alliance in the competition, was willing to sacrifice herself to help Avi.
“Avi is our Fred Astaire Sole Survivor, a true gentleman who dances a beautiful partnership with any of his tribemates.
Open, trusting and with an empathy I appreciated. I am 100% happy for Avi, and I want to thank him for being who I thought he was.”

The final episode of also revealed Sala as the winner of the People's Choice Award, as voted by the New Zealand public.