A small slip meant the end for Jak on Survivor New Zealand.

Jak, the 22-year-old from Lower Hutt was 35 days into the competition.
A battle at Redemption Island, against old mate Mike and former tribe-mate Nate didn’t go his way.

The competition was simple. Each contender had to stack a series of coins on top of a sword handle.
The first competitor to lose a coin had to leave the game, while the remaining two got to rejoin Casar tribe.
Just one momentary lapse in concentration, saw a small silver coin topple from Jak’s stack, ending his time in the competition for good.

Sad to be leaving, Jak said, “I’m gutted I couldn’t go the full length, make top three and give it a crack in front of the Jury. But to make it this far, I can’t be sad with that.”

Jak who was known as the comic relief around Casar, gave one final performance on his way out.
Best mate Tom helped, in a ceremonious burning of the Buff, saluting the jokester on his way out.

Jak was the eleventh person eliminated, and the fifth member of Jury. Only five Survivors remain!