Pin up gal pipped at the post...

Last night's Redemption Island was an intense battle! 27-year-old Whangarei Kindergarten Teacher, Hannah, was the second contestant eliminated from Survivor New Zealand.

Going head to head with ex-army veteran Tony, the rules were simple: each competitor was to take turns throwing cannon balls at four tiles. The first to smash all four tiles, would remain for another chance to re-enter the game.

Both Hannah and Tony failed with their first attempts, but it was Tony who soon established a solid lead. With only one throw in it, Tony the military man from Gisborne secured his first win.

Hannah’s shot at redemption and $100,000 was over.

In her six days on the island, the professional powerlifter and roller derby enthusiast spent her entire time fighting to prove she deserved her place in the game.

The self-confessed “sassy plus-sized pinup gal” - said she had more to prove than any other contestant. She made a plea to her Tribe to “not judge a book by its cover”.

But her words fell on deaf ears. She was blindsided on Day One, and became the first to be eliminated from the Mogoton Tribe.

Thinking her time on the island was up, the shock twist of Redemption Island gave her the second chance she needed.

By surviving her first duel against super fan Dee, Hannah proved to her ex-allies she was a fierce competitor, and that they made a wrong move in voting her out of the competition.

With victory still fresh in her mind, Hannah’s game plan was clear: to never quit and to keep fighting. She said “it’s not how many times you fall down. It’s how many times you get back up.”

The determined Survivor went on to say: "I will knock everyone out to re-enter this game.”

Although surprised to have Tony join her at Redemption Island camp, Hannah said it gave them a chance to reconcile after her Tribal Council betrayal. This new bond became apparent when the two tightly embraced after Tony's victory in the challenge arena.

As Hannah reflected on her short time in the game, she admitted she had wanted to use her experience on Survivor as a platform to help promote body positivity. But was still “gutted to the core" to be sent packing.

“I don’t think I was given a fair shot to show what I could bring. But someone’s gotta go,” the defeated Survivor said.

The body positive ambassador went on to admit she had learnt a lot about herself during her time in the game: “Being on Redemption Island by myself was probably one of the toughest things I’ve done. I had a lot of time to reflect about my life, what I’m doing with my life, where I’m going forward.”

Hannah’s stint on the island also helped her Mogoton teammates remember they shouldn’t take someone at face value. Youth Leader Sala admitted: “I’ve learnt that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’m really grateful for Hannah for re-teaching me that lesson.”