A brutal betrayal saw sofly-spoken Lee become the first member of the Survivor New Zealand jury. 

Lee, the Canyoning Guide from Moutueka was blindsided by a trusted member of his alliance. 

Shannon voted against him at Tribal Council, resulting in a massive power flip in the game. 

Lee was sent to Redemption Island, where he found himself going head to head with alliance team mate, Mike.

They competed in a puzzle solving race, both fighting for their survival in the game. 

Mike gained an early lead, and completed the puzzle first, eliminating Lee from the competition. 


Lee was a big team player, contributing to the success of his initial tribe, Hermosa.

He always did his bit around camp, including building the tribe's shelter. 


He was sad to be leaving the compeition, but wouldn't have wanted to go any other way.

"I really wish I could have stuck around, but losing to Mike, I think that's probably the best way to go out."


After 22 days in the competition, Lee is gone but not forgotten. He becomes the first member of the Jury, meaning he will have a say in who will become Sole Survivor. 

As for Shannon, his betrayer, Lee still holds a bit of animosity for what she did. He hopes she will be next on the Jury so they can have a good chat.