The finals are just around the corner, and it’s every man for himself!
Here’s what went down this week. 


1. Enemies became friends...

Full disclosure, we were a little nervous for Shannon when she was voted out last week.

She was shipped off to Redemption to face Mike and Jak, who she’d recently betrayed.

The boys been pretty vocal about the fact that they still held a grudge. However, it seems that enforced confinement is a perfect icebreaker.

Before long, the trio were losing their minds and sharing laughs like old pals. 

2. Things got dirty...

The latest reward challenge was the best yet, without question.

The battle was on, for the chance to win a night away at a luxury resort.

But before the teams could get clean, they had to get down and dirty, literally. They had to cover their bodies in mud, and the person who collected the most mud in their bucket was the winner.

Avi was the dirtiest of the bunch, taking it out by just a small margin.

He took his main man Tom with him to the resort, and dear old Barb earned herself a spot too.

Away from the tribe, with full bellies and happy hearts, the three of them bonded.

Barb promised to do everything in her power to get the other two boys to the finals.

3. There was some three-way action...

They may have become buds again, but the three Redemption Survivors still had to battle it out.

In a an intense mental and physical challenge, Shannon, Mike and Jak had to balance on a tiny platform, and keep their hand raised above their head for as long as possible.

Shannon lost concentration for a moment, but that moment cost her the game.

She said she was “pretty gutted. If I was going to go out, I really wanted to go out as a strong competitor.”

Mike and Jak assumed they’d be back in the game, but instead they had to scuttle back to Redemption Island AGAIN.  

4. The rise of The Tominator...

Tom won Immunity, for the FOURTH time, making him seem pretty much untouchable.

He was cool, calm and collected during the balancing challenge, while all around him his competitors crumpled.

As Matt said “Tom, you are unBEATable, and for the others that's probably becoming unBEARable.”

The rest of the tribe were all supportive on the surface, but they must be starting to resent him, surely. 

5. The truth came out at Tribal...

With only five members left in Casar, emotions were running high at Tribal.

In a rare soft moment from Nate, he spoke through his tears about wanting his kids to be proud. Safe to assume they are, you big cutie.  

Tribal Council was quite unsurprising though, as far as votes go.

With Sala gone, it didn’t take long for Avi to jump ship and abandon his original Mogoton alliance.

This meant Shay was left with nobody to back her up. She was sent to Redemption Island, a spot she’s all too familiar with.

She made it clear there were no hard feelings though, and wished the tribe all the best. 

Survivor New Zealand FINALS WEEK starts this Sunday at 7pm, and continues Monday-Wednesday from 7.30pm.
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