Emotions were running high in Casar camp this week. The tribe is getting smaller, but the moves are getting bigger. Here’s what went down. 


1. The nice guy poured his heart out...

Avi was practically devastated following Sala’s blindside at Tribal.

Back at Casar camp, he demanded an explanation. 

He called everybody out, labeling Shannon a villain and questioning Nate’s courage.

Mafia Queen Barb had no sympathy, she was all like “that’s just how it goes.”

“I thought I could just be nice, and trust people. But I guess that’s not how this stupid game works,” Avi said.

He was a like a little boy who’d lost his favourite teddy bear, and our hearts went out to him.

He seems incapable of wronging anybody, could this be his downfall? 

Credit: Warner Bros.

2. We farewelled a fan favourite...

Sala’s heartwarming speech about not needing to win (watch the clip here), just made us want him to win even more.

Unfortunately though, he was no match for Mike in the memory challenge Redemption duel.

Thankful for the experience, he departed on good terms, even claiming no hard feelings towards those who had betrayed him.

 “I wanted to play this game with honour, and I feel like I did that,” he said.   

He was still smiling until the last moment, when he dropped his Buff in the fire and walked away to freedom. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

3. The villain accepted her fate...

Mike got his chance to confront Shannon at the Redemption Island duel, and he didn’t hold back.

He basically said he has no respect for the way she operates.

Shannon shrunk away from his accusations like a frightened child.

Back at camp, the feeling hit home.

Shannon succumbed to her tears, admitting to all the lies she told, wishing she could take it all back.

The poor girl just wants to be loved.

The rest of the tribe did their best to comfort her, making her re-evaluate her whole strategy in the game. 

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4. The warrior lost the fight...

This week Tom proved his manpower by winning back to back Immunity challenges.

That meant that unfortunately his buddy, Jak, was next in the firing line.

As always, Jak tried to make light of the situation.

He danced into Tribal wearing nothing but his loincloth. His tribe couldn’t stop giggling, but Jak was a picture of confidence.

“I’m not sure if you’re aware, this is how the ancient warriors of Nicaragua dressed. I will be victorious,” he said.

But that wasn’t enough to save him, and he was voted out (we hope he took a change of clothes with him.)

Mike was stoked to have another friend to play with over at Redemption Island though. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

5. The sheep was thrown to the wolves...

In a tense but somewhat predictable Tribal Council the next day, Shannon was voted out. (Tom was untouchable again, of course.)

This puts her in a pretty undesirable position, given that she’ll be stranded with Mike and Jak on Redemption Island.

They’re not exactly her biggest fans after she betrayed them. 

She’ll have to face them, outnumbered and with nowhere to run to.

The real question is, will Shannon survive or will she get eaten alive? 

Credit: Scott McAulay