We’re over half way now, and the game is getting dark and twisty. Here’s what went down this week. 


1. The biggest threat was voted out...

Following the previous week’s Tribal Council, the Survivors had to go straight into another Immunity Challenge. 

Jak won Immunity, and Mike was left exposed after his alliance was was shattered. 

He tried to reason with his tribe, blatantly calling out Shannon's crimes against him. 

But his pleas fell on deaf ears and he was voted out, off to join Lee on Redemption Island.

Mike's heart was broken once more, but the game’s not over for him yet. If we know Mike at all, we know he won’t go down easily.

Credit: Scott McAulay

2. The rise of a new leader...

"Camp Mother" Barb was previously perceived as a zero threat. 

However, since the tribe merge, she’s been rising through the ranks. She’s become like a low-key mafia boss, controlling the other players like a puppeteer.

Everyone seeks Barb's approval while she lays in her hammock and strategises. 

Nate, previously her solid partner, now feels torn between two sides. 

She’s ruthless and we’re pretty sure nobody could have predicted it. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

3. The first Jury member was named...

Best buddies Mike and Lee had to face off at this week's Redemption Island duel.

Mike gained an early lead, seeing it right through to the end and sending Lee packing.

Lee was visibly gutted, but said “ losing to Mike, that’s probably the best way to go out.”

Lee’s gone but not forgotten, as he becomes the first member of the Jury, who ultimately get to decide the winner in the end. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

4. Some home truths were revealed...

In this week’s reward challenge, Survivors were asked questions about one another. Then they all had to guess the most common answer.    

Shay was voted most likely to be a backstabber, while all-round nice guy Avi was deemed the most trustworthy.

Barb was picked as the person who doesn’t deserve to still be here.

Everyone agreed Jak was the one who most needs a wake-up call in life, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Barb took out the reward (arguably the best yet), receiving five pizzas. She shared them with Jak, Nate and Sala, who disappointed us by only consuming about four pieces each. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

5. The biggest blindside so far...

Solid duo Sala and Shay didn’t feel threatened at all walking into Tribal. But they were unaware that Barb had been pulling strings on the sly.

A strong competitor, and a crowd favourite, Sala’s head was on the chopping block.

He was visibly shocked when his name came up, shuffling away to Redemption Island, uncharacteristically quiet.

Needless to say, we were heartbroken.

Credit: Scott McAulay

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