Warning: Spoilers ahead

1. Georgia was eliminated ...

Georgia stuck it out, frustrated and alone on Redemption Island. While Mike cried himself to sleep back at camp.

The original alliance were hoping they'd get her back any day. 

In a tense Redemption duel, Georgia and Shay had to build a 3-metre-high tower out of flimsy wooden blocks. 

Georgia's stack tumbled when she was only centimetres away from her target. 

Understandably, she was devastated. As were we. 

Holding back tears, Georgia departed, sticking to her can-do attitude until the very end. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

2. The tribe merge...

The pivotal point in any Survivor game, we finally made it to the merge. 

The original tribes were demolished and Casar was born. Translation: to marry. 

This also meant that Shay was allowed to re-enter the game, albeit with a target still on her back. 

The newly united tribe celebrated as one, returning to camp and feasting like kings. 

Congratulations Top Ten!

Credit: Scott McAulay

3. Shannon embraced the role of double agent...

Shannon proved herself an excellent liar, effectively being accepted into both major alliances. 

Aware that she was walking a dangerous tightrope, Shannon was uneasy about her position. 

"For now it looks good, but I know how easily it could go south," she said. "I'm absolutely going to be public enemy number one."

For now it seems she's sided against Mike and his squad, but it could still swing either way...

Credit: Scott McAulay

4. Individual Immunity came into play...

Old mate Idol was shafted, replaced by a conspicuous Immunity necklace.

The challenge had the Survivors balance a ball on a wooden disc, suspended between two ropes. The pressure (and the breeze) meant it wasn't as easy as it sounds.

Shay, Avi and Sala dropped their balls pretty early on. Barb and Shannon held out for an impressive amount of time. 

However, it was Mike who eventually took it out, making him safe from elimination. 

The rest of the tribe were left to ponder their fate. 

Oh yeah, and Barb fainted. But she returned within the hour, slightly embarrassed but medically-speaking fine.

Credit: Scott McAulay

5. Lee was voted out...

With Mike hiding behind his fancy new accessory, Lee was next on the chopping block. 

Something of a lone wolf in the game, the tribal elders deemed Lee "not a team player."

At Tribal Council, it was obvious that Lee was taken by surprise. Him and his buddies thought they had the numbers to get rid of Shay.

His flame was snuffed out, and he parted with an ominous threat... "Better hope you don't make it to Redemption Island."

But who exactly was he talking to? 

Credit: Scott McAulay

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