This week on Survivor New Zealand, the tribes were divided. Promises were broken and threats were made. Here's the rundown. 


1. Shannon turned her back on the "Tight 5"...

Shannon returned from her night on Redemption Island, with some interesting news for the new-look Hermosa.

She confessed that she had never really felt included in the Tight 5, and didn’t particularly want to work with Michael anyway.  

With elimination looming, she did her best to get her new tribe on side.

She seemingly cut all ties with her original alliance, and swore she wouldn’t switch back. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

2. Lee and Avi went head to head...

Lee and Avi stepped up at this week’s Reward Challenge, with the weight of their entire tribes on their shoulders.

They had to swim out into the surf to collect sandbags, then catapult them into a highly-strung net. 

It was anybody’s game in the beginning, with the boys being quite evenly matched.

However, Avi’s technique came through and he won it for Hermosa.

Their reward - pillows, a hammock, and CHOCOLATE. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

3. Michael declared war on his old tribe...

When the new Hermosa showed up at the challenge without Georgia, Mike was furious.

According to him, voting someone out of his alliance is treason.

“When I see that four bigger, older, people have targeted this little, cute 25-year-old girl… they’re now on my hit list,” he threatened. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

4. Izzy was eliminated...

This week’s Redemption Island duel saw Izzy and Georgia face off.

They had to endure the elements, in a tense challenge that tested their balancing abilities.

Georgia won by a split second, surprising everyone including herself.

It was an emotional goodbye, but Izzy took it like a champ.

“I really appreciate my time on Survivor. I’ve learnt so much, and met so many wonderful people. I feel like I’m stronger, after being here,” she said. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

5. Mogoton threw a challenge...

Shay found herself on the outer after the switch, returning to Mogoton as the only female in the tribe. The other four members were quick to exclude her.

Tom joined ranks with Mike’s alliance, guaranteeing his safety and cutting all ties to his former tribe mates.

They boys hatched a plan to throw the Immunity Challenge, so they could send Shay to Redemption Island, and hopefully get Georgia back.

They pulled it off, and Shay was unsurprisingly voted out at Tribal Council. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Survivor New Zealand airs Sundays and Mondays on TVNZ 2. Watch the full episodes right here.