We sat down with Tony, ex-army veteran, in Survivor HQ. We asked him five quick questions, on the game so far and his predictions for the future. 

1. Who are you picking to win?

I don’t know. Having been in the Survivor arena, it’s a really tough one.

You can be the most confident player out, or the most intelligent, but if an alliance decides you’re going, then you’re gone.

There is a lot of luck involved.

I would probably pick Avi, if I had to put a name to paper. Or maybe Michael. One of those two. 


2. Who do you think will be the next to go?

Woah, that’s a hard one too. I know Mogoton are sort of running out of people.

Probably someone from the Hermosa tribe, if they lose a challenge.

Could possibly be Jak, he could be next. 


3. Who's the funniest Survivor on set? 

Now that I’m gone they're a pretty sad bunch.

Nah, probably Jak. He's got a really black sense of humour, and it’s 24/7 in your face. I wish I’d been on the same tribe as him, we'd have had a lot of laughs. He's a really funny guy. 

And who's the kindest?

That would have to be Lou. She’s a lovely girl, little farm girl from down south.

I’ve trained a lot of men in the Army, but Lou’s right at the top. Tough as nails. She’s got a really good heart.

She’s honest and she’s open, which will probably go against her at some stage, because if you want to win this game you have to have a killer strength. You’ve got to be prepared to stick it to people at short notice.

But the nicest one there would definitely have to be Lou. 


4. Has there been anything that's really surprised you, on the show so far?

Not really. I mean, all our fates are in the favour of the editing gods.

We did a lot of filming, as you can appreciate. An hour of the show can be two or three days of filming. Nothing really shocked me, I’m impressed with the editing so far.

You can see have they’ve cast certain people. Like myself, made to look like the “crazy man” or the “mad dog” or whatever, I’m fine with that!

At the end of the day it’s there for entertainment. 


5. If you could do it all again, is there anything you'd do differently?

When I get to do it again, not if, when.

I have to be a bit more tactful, when I’m dealing with people.

Right from day one, get straight in there, establish common ground and alliances. Alliances are critical for how long you get to play the game.

There’s no way you can go in there and be a rogue dog. You can’t win the game on your own, you’ve got to put the effort in from day one. 


Watch the full video here.