Brad was eliminated in a massive blindside

Old Khangkhaw alliances broke this week at Tribal Council, with the ‘tight five’ turning on each other to snuff 27-year-old teacher Brad Norris’ torch.

After the merge, it became clear to Matt that Tess and Brad’s alliance had grown stronger and a big move needed to be made.

When Eve took out the Individual Immunity win, it was obvious all votes would be targeted at an old Chani member and Dave was the number one target.

Wanting to protect his childhood best friend, Matt hatched a plan to blindside Brad and get him out of the game.

At Tribal Council, Brad didn’t seem worried, chatting with Matt Chisholm about the people and amazing friends he trusted to help him get through the game.

When the votes were counted, it was a close battle with vote for vote going against Brad and Dave until Brad became the ninth person voted out of Survivor New Zealand.

Reflecting on his time in the game Brad said: “I went in with a focus on being myself, keeping morals and dignity intact as much as possible, and playing the game of Survivor when needed and while I am so gutted to have been voted out, I am stoked to have stayed true to myself and made the people I care and who care about me, proud.”

“Being completely blindsided is in a way a huge backhanded compliment and I knew if I went on the island being me, I would have a massive target on my back. I had big plans in place in the coming days, but a few of the others played me first.”

Brad is the second member of the Jury and will be one of the eliminated castaways who will ultimately decide who is the worthy winner of the title of New Zealand’s Sole Survivor.

Brad had a few questions for Arun, who blindsided his ally Josh, when they met in Jury Villa. Watch their Jury discussions here.

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