Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Tara

Ahead of the grand finale and penultimate Tribal Council, just three castaways are left: Tess, Dave and Lisa.

Tara’s decision wasn’t an easy one.

In the Individual Immunity battle, Tess took out the endurance challenge once again, guaranteeing her a spot in next week’s finale.

When it came to the crunch at Tribal Council, Tara revealed she would step aside to allow close friend Lisa to fulfil a lifelong Survivor dream. She also considered Dave a son to her, refusing to write his name down.

Bowing gracefully out of the game, Tara says of her time on the series: “Survivor is definitely the best reality show on television. The experience lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The realisations that occurred for me while playing the game are worth more than winning the $250,000.

"I may not have won the game of Survivor but I feel like the time spent on the island will help me win at the most important game - life! I enjoyed every day and everyone played the game hard and deserved to win. Both contestants and crew were amazing, thanks to everyone involved."

See what happened when Tara left the island, in the final episode of Jury Villa.
Tune in Sunday 29 July, 7pm on TVNZ 2, for the finale of Survivor New Zealand!