If you're not sucked into Survivor New Zealand already, it’s not too late. Here’s what went down in the first two weeks.

We’ll keep it brief. You can stream the full episodes right here.

Episode One: 

16 fresh-faced Kiwi competitors were pretty much dumped in the harsh jungle climate of Nicaragua.

Super fan Dee was quick to raise her hand and label herself a “villain”. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

The group was split into two tribes, Hermosa and Mogoton (yes, we know it sounds like a Transformer name).

Then it was straight into the first challenge, no mucking around here.

It was a free-for-all frenzy, with both tribes scrambling for the best supplies. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Izzy revealed her true colours, pilfering the bulk of the goods from the opposing Hermosa.

Afterwards, she had a change of heart though and tried to gift them a knife as a consolation prize.

Back at Hermosa camp, Tony the ex-soldier quickly established himself as the Alpha Male.

Over at Mogoton, Dee (the self-confessed villain) already had a target on her back.

Credit: Scott McAulay

In the first ever tribal council, power-lifter Hannah was blindsided and voted out of Mogoton.

She urged her tribe mates not to judge a book by its cover. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Dee was also sent packing, not-so-surprisingly voted out by Hermosa.

HOWEVER when the tribes gathered at the arena the next day, they got a shock.

Our main man Matt announced the first twist of the game. Redemption Island! (As the name suggests, it gives eliminated Survivors a chance to re-enter the game further down the track.)

So Dee and Hannah were back to fight another day.

Credit: Scott McAulay

They went head to head, but Hannah was the stronger competitor.

Dee was the first contestant to be officially eliminated.

She vowed that her love for Survivor would never die, even if she’s only destined to watch from afar.  

Episode Two:

Mogoton went back to camp with their tails between their legs, feeling guilty for voting Hannah out.

At Hermosa, Mike and Lee bonded over a tasty termite snack.

They discussed an emerging alliance between themselves, Georgia and Shannon.

Hermosa proved themselves a tight unit, winning the first Immunity challenge with their eyes closed (literally, they were blindfolded). 

Credit: Scott McAulay

The mood at Mogoton was a sombre one, as they prepared to vote out another member.

Alliances were made and hastily broken.

They were a tribe divided.

Credit: Scott McAulay

All-round nice guy Sala was torn, when his mate Tony’s name was thrown around.

Despite his best efforts though, Tony was sent to join Hannah on Redemption Island, leaving Mogoton without a chief. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Episode Three

Tony swore vengeance on his former tribe, determined to bring down his betrayers.

We wouldn't want to mess with him, that's for sure.

Credit: Scott McAulay

Without Tony around though, Mogoton seemed to be bonding.

Over at Hermosa, Nate and Barb skulked on the sidelines, while the five younger tribespeople drew closer.

At the challenge, a stressful game of cat and mouse saw Hermosa come out on top, again.

They were awarded Immunity and (quite possibly the best prize in Survivor history) tea, coffee and all the tools to make it. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Having tried to shoulder the load alone, Sala, Avi and Tom felt responsible for Mogoton’s loss.

Tony’s allies Sala and Lou went to watch him compete in the Redemption Island challenge.

In a tearful moment, Lou swore her loyalty to Tony, saying he was like a father. (At this moment, we needed a hug). 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Tony and Hannah dueled, in a cannon ball throwing competition (no, not at each other).

Tony smashed his four targets first, meaning Hannah’s time in the game was over.

Hannah left feeling cheated, robbed of the chance to prove herself. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Episode Four

Sala and Lou returned to Mogoton with a harsh message. Tony had declared war.

The feisty Shay was all like, “let’s play,” owning the fact that she betrayed Tony in the first place.

Meanwhile, Hermosa were pretty pleased to learn Tony’s alliance had flipped.


Credit: Scott McAulay

The harsh reality of the game was starting to sink in though. Food supplies were diminishing, feelings of homesickness creeping in. 

Sala lamented missing his daughter’s birthday back home. So the Mogoton girls made a cake out of sand, and they all sung for her. Warm fuzzies.

The Immunity challenge was a tough one. Four Survivors from each team had to brace themselves between two slippery walls, and balance on tiny footholds. It looked seriously uncomfortable. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Lou fought hard for Mogoton, the only one from her tribe left standing.

However, the ever-strong Hermosa scored their third consecutive win. "Power couple" Mike and Georgia were steadfast until the end.

While Hermosa were all cosy under their tarpaulin, Jak cracking jokes as usual, Mogoton mourned as they prepared to send another friend home. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

Shay tried to turn everyone against Tom, but the rest of the tribe figured they need the muscle.

Izzy pled her case at Tribal Council, claiming she's an asset to the tribe.

Despite this, she was voted out of Mogoton, to face Tony in the next Redemption duel. 

Credit: Scott McAulay

The next episode of Survivor New Zealand airs this Sunday at 7pm on TVNZ 2, or stream it live right here!