Shannon's here to share her Survivor story.
Her strategy, her relationships, and what she found the hardest. 

What’s it been like seeing yourself on TV?

It’s been so bizarre, it took me so long to get used to it.
I could just walk past the living room and I’d hear my voice, it was so awkward!
It’s actually so hard to watch. It’s a bit easier now, but I still cringe every single time I have a scene.

What was the hardest thing about filming the show?

Definitely the hardest thing for me was the boredom.
There was just so much excess time. If you’re not doing a challenge, sometimes you’d just have an entire day of absolutely nothing.
Man, it drove me crazy! It was like having cabin fever. I was so bored all of the time.

Was that the most surprising?

Probably yeah, I was not expecting that.
The other thing that surprised me - I knew that I was going to be starving, but I didn’t realise how weak I was actually going to get.
I remember it was a few weeks in, and we hadn’t been eating, and everything just went out of my legs. It was hard to just get up in the morning and walk to the ocean. You just felt like you were going to collapse along the way. That was bizarre.

What was the first thing you ate when you left?

Oh it’s so disappointing! I just gorged myself on muesli bars.
They were like “do you want to wait and get a burger, something nice?” And I was like “GIVE me the muesli bars.”
I ate so many, and I felt so sick. I couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day.

What did you miss the most about home?

I missed my family. Classic, but that was the main thing. I missed my mum and my sisters especially.
When you’re in that Survivor bubble, you have no contact with the outside world. You have no idea what’s going on, and you have nobody really on your side. So I really missed my family, yeah.

Do you think the show was a true representation of your character?

Do you know what, I think it was actually fairly spot on.
I know that a lot of people got angry with me, on the show and in real life. But I still stand by the moves I made.
I think it’s quite clear to see when you watch the show, I wasn’t trying to be nasty towards anybody. I was just voting out people who I thought were the threats. I was just trying to make logical decisions.
So yeah, I think it was pretty true to life.

Have you spoken to Mike or any of the others since you left?

Yeah I have, we’re all good. Nobody holds any grudges now.
It’s easy when we’re in it, to get carried away because it does feel like real life. But I think now that we’re all back to actual real life, we can kind of look at it as what it was, a game.
I know that all the connections were real, but now it’s a bit easier to separate that from real life.
They're all such good people. It is good to be able to talk to them now, now that we’re not in such a crazy scenario.

If you could do it all again, would you have done anything differently?

I think I would stick to my strategy, but try and not crack, try and follow it through.
But I do think I was trying to play it as I see the Americans playing it. I think Americans respect that kind of game play, whereas New Zealanders really, really don’t like it.
So I think maybe I should have considered more about the people I was playing with, and adapted my game to work better for that.


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