Over the last week, The Hits’ Stace and Flynny and ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan each put two castaway-hopefuls through Survivor-style challenges.

A gruelling competition, to decide who’ll be sent to the jungle for the world’s toughest game.

Stace and Flynny crowned Kaysha Whakarau as The Hits’ Wildcard, and the first contestant of Survivor New Zealand season 2.

It was an epic battle between the two Wildcard finalists.

There was a super fan quiz, ultimate fort building, creepy crawly eating, and emotional Tribal Council speeches.

It was almost too close to call, but Kaysha came out on top.  


Survivor NZ Wild Card winner, Kaysha Whakarau

Kaysha Whakarau

Age: 24

Occupation: Social Worker

Hometown: Wellington

Competitive, energetic, family-orientated.

"Being the Wildcard is tu meke. I can’t wait to represent my whānau, my community, and all Māori peeps. Eldest of 10 children, the chance to win $250k will really help my whanau thrive. By becoming the Wildcard, I’m giving up a trip to Ireland to see my sisters represent New Zealand in taekwondo – but it’s worth it!"


ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan have now announced that Auckland journalist and social influencer Frankie March, has taken the second Wildcard title.

After taking over ZM’s Snapchat profile for a day – doing whatever came naturally - the fate of the ZM finalists went to the fans.

While it came down to the wire, it was Franky who ruled supreme, securing her place as a season 2 castaway.


Francesca March

Age: 24

Occupation: Journalist/Social media influencer

Hometown: Auckland

Funny, diplomatic, protective.

"The Wildcard challenge has already made me face one of my biggest fears - what other people think and say about me. In terms of actually surviving in the wild for 40 days, I can't wait to see what I am really made of.”