Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Renee.

Renee chats to Matty McLean about her experience, tribal relationships, and being on the Jury.

Was it tough to watch? 

It was, it was sad to watch myself getting voted out. Pretty heartbreaking. 

As you could see I went out fighting though, I wasn’t going to go quietly.

In a game like Survivor you can’t just sit back and let things happen around you. You have to make the game work for you, don't you? 

Yeah, you do. You’ve got to make alliances, you’ve got to fight your way through.

If you just sit back you’re never going to win the game like that. 

What did you know, going into Tribal, about where you stood? 

So the whole day I knew things were off with a few people in my alliance.

I kind of had a feeling it was going to be between me and Tess going home. 

About ten minutes before Tribal actually happened, I was told by Lisa that everyone was going to be voting for me.

So as you can see, I went into Tribal fighting. 

Do you regret it in any way, the way that you went out, or the way that you dealt with things? Or do you think that’s exactly how you needed to play it? 

I’m proud of myself, I wanted to go out fighting.

I didn’t want to sit back and just let people vote me out. I wanted to go out with a bang.

In terms of doing things differently, if I’d known about the Matt and Dave childhood friendship alliance, I probably wouldn’t have put my trust in Matt. I would’ve looked elsewhere for some alliances.

Psychologically, what kind of a toll does Survivor take? 

Yeah, it’s pretty rough. I didn’t know it was going to that tough. 

I knew it would be tough physically, but the mental side of things, it really takes a toll on you. Paranoia is always at the top of your radar.

You can’t trust anyone, but then you also need to trust people to stay in the game. So it’s a very bizarre concept. 

So now you’re on the Jury, do you know what you’ll be looking for in a winner eventually? 

I want to vote for someone who played the game well, didn’t just sit back and float through.

Someone that really had good strategy, and played the physical side as well. 

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