Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Josh

As the castaways began to settle into their new tribes post mix-up, it became clear that new alliances were forming.

Over at Chani, ex-Khangkhaw member and swing-voter Dylan immediately got to work. He aligned himself with Renee, Arun and Dave – with plans to get rid of Adam, Matt and Josh in due time.

Although the original Chani members questioned his trust, they had confidence Dylan would help make up the numbers should they find themselves at the next Tribal Council.

The Immunity Challenge saw each tribe work together to balance a plate using five ropes, held by the tribe. Players had to make their way to the centre, one by one, and stack blocks that spelt “IMMUNITY.” 

Resorting to desperate measures, it was decided Dylan, Renee, Dave and Arun would throw the challenge, in an attempt to make one of the most significant moves in the game to date.

As the challenge began, it quickly became evident that Chani weren’t gelling as a team. Each time they got close to finishing, the blocks would tumble. Coming as no surprise, Khangkhaw won immunity.

Going into Tribal Council, the ex-Khangkhaws Adam, Matt and Josh were blissfully unaware that Dave, Arun, Renee and Dylan were planning to send home one of the most influential players in the game.

As far as Josh was concerned, this Tribal Council was the ultimate test of trust. Arun, the newest member of his alliance, had a lot to prove.

If all went to plan, and Dylan was sent home, the trust between Josh and Arun would be solidified.

Not long into Tribal Council, subtle hints started to surface in how the night may play out... Dave stated, “You have to take what’s been said with a grain of salt”.

Dylan admitted he felt more at home at the new Chani; leaving Adam, Matt and Josh feeling uneasy. 

The voting began, and it looked as though Josh’s plan was coming to fruition. But just as he started to feel comfortable, the votes began to swing his way.

Blindsided, Josh became the sixth person voted out.

Looking back on his time in the game, Josh says: “Survivor New Zealand was everything I thought it would be - brutally tough and the hardest fun I’ve ever had.

"I went into this game for my next challenge in life - to win the title of Sole Survivor and share my story to inspire others. I’ve shared my story but the title has alluded me. It’s a game fraught with lies, deceit and luck. I certainly saw an extreme level of deceit during my blindside that will change the course of the game.

“Ultimately, how you live your life eventually comes out in your gameplay, and that is what I saw, this game strips you back to who you really are. I am happy to go out as one of the strongest all-around players in the game and not float to the end the level of deceit required proves that - if you’re not first, you’re last.

"Now, onto the next adventure.”

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