Season 2's second eliminated contestant, Karla.

Losing both the Reward and Immunity challenge, Chani made their second trip to Tribal Council.

The sentiment behind Chani’s vote was clear; keep the tribe strong to start winning challenges and stop coming to Tribal Council.

With the consensus around camp that Karla was struggling with challenges and day to day life on the island, her fate was sealed.

Feeling vulnerable, Karla made a final plea before voting, as knew she had to fight for her place in the game: “I think in a lot of ways I’m undervalued and underestimated in this team. We’re only five days in and there are still strengths to discover…I’m not ready to go home.”

But it was too little, too late. Her fellow Chani tribemates voted unanimously. With seven votes to one, Karla became the second castaway to leave the competition.

Reflecting on her time in the game Karla says: “Survivor was one of the toughest, yet most exhilarating times in my life; a life-changing experience. I got cut up, bruised, kicked in the head and bitten by a spider, and I came home with a massive injury to my ribs. I was broken, inside and out.

I had so much to do and prove in my time there, and not getting the chance to do those things is hard to make peace with. I was just a strong as any competitor there, so to be disregarded by my tribe from the very beginning was not a place I thought I'd be, especially to be considered the weakest link.

Had I been given a chance, I would have killed it, so that's what I have to remind myself of, and my kids tell me that every single day. They are so proud of their Mum, and that was all I hoped for, so in that way, I'm a winner.”

Watch Karla's full Exit Interview right here.

Chani needs to start winning some challenges to move forward. Will Karla’s departure prove to be the weakness that was holding the tribe back?

With only 16 left in the game, who will be the next castaway sent home?

Survivor New Zealand continues Sundays at 7pm on TVNZ 2.