Survivor New Zealand contestant JT left the game on his own terms.

A shock voluntary medical evacuation, and a blindside that left one super fan visibly stunned... as he became the latest castaway eliminated from Survivor New Zealand.

Jeremy ‘JT’ Muirhead, a Project Manager from Ashhurst, left his Khangkhaw tribemates dazed and confused. He unexpectedly removed himself from the competition due to a health concern.

Reflecting on his experience JT said: “I had an absolute blast playing and was possibly the most relaxed I've ever felt. It's an excellent game, well manufactured and well thought-out.

“I’m devastated to have fallen ill and not made the merge but worse things have happened in the world. There are a few things I would have like to have done had I remained on the island. Climb a tree, some vines perhaps, and go for a bit of a run. It's hard to say otherwise. The King Cobra is dead. Long live the King Cobra."

The medevac wasn’t the only surprise twist in the game, with a Survivor New Zealand-first during the Reward Challenge.

The challenge required two members from the opposing tribe to pull a castaway off a pole and drag them back through the mud to their mat. The first round went to Chani, as Arun and Dave successfully pulled off Eve; whereas Brad and Tara couldn’t move Adam an inch.

Immediately after the first round, Arun spoke up saying, “we don’t feel good dragging a female through the mud”. Although Khangkhaw was willing to swap out a female for a male castaway, Chani made the decision to give up the win and hand over the reward of two egg laying chickens. 

Khangkhaw decided to name the chickens 'Cha' and 'Ni' in honour of their opposition.

The decision to forfeit received mixed opinions from all castaways from both tribes. Some said the Chani men overthought the decision, but others commended them for sticking by their ‘morals’

When it came to the Immunity Challenge, Khangkhaw attempted to throw the task at hand, ideally to take themselves to Tribal Council and eliminate the original Chani members now sitting in their tribe.

Although Lisa tried hard, she was unable to throw the challenge. Khangkhaw got “the big win”, which sent Chani back to Tribal Council.

Super fan Dylan felt secure going into the vote. So having Matt Chisholm read his name during Tribal Council was not something he saw coming. He muttered “sneaky pricks” when it became clear he was being sent home.

With that, Dylan Conrad was the seventh person voted out of Survivor New Zealand, and the eighth to leave the game.

Reflecting on his time in the game Dylan noted: “I considered every possible scenario that has ever presented itself in the game of Survivor. Ironically, the one that never occurred to me was the one that led to my demise. I don’t think I’m wrong in saying I was one Tribal Council away from being $250k richer."

With two gone this week, only 10 remain. Following The Outpost, Lisa has an advantage of stealing a vote at her next Tribal Council, and Dave has a newly found Immunity Idol.

What will next week have in store for the remaining castaways?

Survivor New Zealand continues Sundays at 7pm on TVNZ 2. Stream the latest episodes right here.