The first Survivor to be sent to the Jury, we sat down and asked Lee some questions about the game.

1. Without giving too much away, who are you picking to win?

I think the way things are going, I’d have to say the people who have the most control in the game.

So the likes of Avi and Sala. It looks like Barb’s going to make a run of it too.

I’d want Mike to eventually get in there and win it to be honest though.


2. Who do you think will be the next to go?

I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised it it’s one of the members of the “enchilada”. Either Jak or Tom, potentially.


3. Who’s the funniest Survivor on set?

Hands down, it’s got to be Jak.

That guy is a barrel of laughs, comes out with some real gold.

And who’s the nicest?

I’d have to say Tom.

He was really accommodating when me and Mike and Jak moved over to the Mogoton tribe. He welcomed us in, we had good banter and good chats.

He’s just a real all-round, genuine nice dude.



4. Filming the show, was there anything that really surprised you?

Probably the down time, the amount you have.

The hunger and the not sleeping, the being hot, all of that I can deal with. But just the boredom, and the randomness of when things were going to happen.

What about watching it on TV?

It’s all surprising watching everyone’s confessional videos. Obviously we don’t know what each other’s saying when it’s just one on one with the cameras.

How other people perceived you is probably the most surprising.



5. Is there anything you would have done differently?

If I was to do it again, I’d definitely prepare a bit more.

I’d probably watch a few more previous Survivor episodes.

And maybe go in with an upper hand with the challenges, have an idea of what some of them are like, and kind of train yourself.


Watch the full video here.