Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Kaysha

Kaysha was The Hits Wildcard and the first casualty from the Khangkhaw tribe.

Originally from the Horowhenua, the 24 year old social worker proved how empathetic she was right up to the last minute.

She fought for Dylan’s place in the cut-throat competition, only to find her torch was the one snuffed.

The Immunity Challenge made it clear that Khangkhaw was ready to go to Tribal Council, with the “tight five” alliance throwing the challenge on purpose.

Once back at the lakeside, Kaysha spent the afternoon scrambling. She threw Adam’s name on the chopping block, and encouraged Dylan to search for an Immunity Idol.

At Tribal Council, it was clear Adam and many others in the Tribe wanted Dylan gone.

There was a heated back and forth argument, with host Matt Chisholm commenting that Dylan was really copping it.

Kaysha made it clear she felt for Dylan, breaking down in tears. She said she doesn’t like people feeling upset, or that the world is against them.

When the votes were being read, a shocked Kaysha discovered all of the tight five’s votes were against her. It was enough to be eliminated from the game. 

Reflecting on her elimination, Kaysha says: “Survivor is the toughest game in the world. I had the ability to go far and win, however Khangkhaw were one step ahead. They saw me as a threat in all areas of the game and with that came the biggest blindside. I went out saving my friend, I went out blindsided. No better way to end the game!”

You can watch Kaysha's full exit interview right here.

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