with Matty McLean

Kaysha chats to Matty McLean on Breakfast

A classic blindside went down on Survivor New Zealand last night. The viewers didn’t see it coming and neither, it seems, did Kaysha

Matty: I’m so torn because I loved you on the show, but as a Survivor fan MAN it was a good blindside. Can you appreciate how good that was?

Kaysha: Yeah it’s definitely a back-handed compliment, but a compliment nonetheless.  

They saw you as a massive threat right? 

Yeah, they definitely did. 

You and Dylan seemed to have a bit of a tough time getting on board with the rest of your tribe mates. Why do you think that was? 

Me personally, I got along with everybody. I talked to everybody, hung out with everybody, but I really connected to Dylan. And unfortunately for Dylan, he didn’t connect with anybody else. So that was sort of my demise. 

In terms of being a threatening player as well though, not only was I social, I was dominating the challenges that I got to compete in as well. So I’m not surprised they saw me as a threat, if they didn’t they would have been stupid. 

It’s very early in the game though to be getting rid of good athletic players like yourself, because obviously they’ve got to win challenges to avoid Tribal Council. Do you think it was strange that you got voted out this early on in your tribe? 

No, definitely not. Well, I agree with you in a sense, but I knew that if I made merge, I would have won. There was no way they were getting rid of me, I’m that confident. That may sound arrogant, but they knew that as well. They had the numbers, and they knew that if they didn’t get rid of me, I would have gone somewhere else and I would’ve kicked ass. 

In a game like Survivor you can’t just sit back and let it happen around you, you’ve got to make big moves. You tried to do that, you tried to get the tribe to switch and do a split vote and potentially get out Adam, it didn’t quite work though did it?

No, I thought I had it. I convinced the “Tight 5” to do a split vote on Adam, and I managed to get Tara on board, but I couldn’t get Lisa. So I was down on the numbers, and it just didn’t work. I genuinely thought Dylan was going home. 

And so did we, that’s the craziest thing. When you all went off to Tribal Council, it seemed so sure that the writing was on the wall for Dylan. What happened? 

I don’t know, I heard no whispers. If I’d heard just one little whisper of my name, I would’ve gone out guns blazing. Unfortunately I heard nothing, and that is just perfect gameplay by the Tight 5.

Do you think it did happen back at camp? Because as viewers we didn’t see any of those conversations. Can you have conversations on the way to Tribal Council, do you think maybe there was a switch as you were heading there?

Potentially, but I can’t answer that. We were all together that whole time going to Tribal Council, so if they were whispering or pulling out names I definitely didn’t hear it. I was nervous myself though, so I might have had my ears turned off. They just went about it the perfect way, and I’ve got nothing but respect for their game. 

I was shocked because I didn’t expect to see your name written down at all. What was that moment like?

As soon as I saw that first name, I knew I was out. Because there would be no reason why just one person would write my name down. I knew I was a threat, and I knew the team knew that, but I just assumed they’d keep me around longer. 

But it was a massive shock to see that first name? 

Yeah, massive shock. I was shaking, it was just intense. Watching it back on TV, I felt like I was sitting back at Tribal again. 

As much as you don’t want to go out, it must be kind of impressive to go out with a massive blindside like that? You end up becoming a real narrative of the whole Survivor season. 

Yeah I’ve loved being on Survivor. I loved every moment of it, even the blindside. I think most Survivor fans would agree with me, if you’re going to get voted out, get voted out as a blindside because you’re a threat.

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