Survivor New Zealand eliminated contestant, Adam

A plea at Tribal Council wasn’t enough to sway Dave’s vote, meaning that Adam was eliminated from the game.

Adam, the vivacious self-employed Aucklander joins the Jury leaving just four remaining in the game: Dave, Tess, Lisa and Tara.

Following the shock blindside of Matt last week, a new alliance came forward. Tara, Lisa and Dave left Adam and Tess down in numbers.

With Tess taking out the Individual Immunity Challenge, it was clear that two parchments would have Adam’s name written down and two would have Lisa’s.

Both Adam and Tess hoped the fact that Lisa had turned on her closest ally in the game (Matt), would be enough to sway Dave’s vote.

At Tribal Council, Adam called out Lisa’s “untrustworthy” game play, in the hopes of saving himself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and he became the 13th person voted out of the game, and the sixth member of the Jury.

Reflecting on his time on the game, Adam said: “I managed to eat glorious food rewards, avoid Tribal Council for 14 days, win an Individual Immunity Challenge, watch amazing sunrises and sleep about 18 hours a day while playing Survivor. My luck is ridiculous, I got to experience so much of the game and I left with no regrets.” 

With only one more spot left on the Jury, will alliances stay strong heading into Tribal Council?

Adam received some shocking news when he reached Jury Villa, watch the episode right here.

Survivor New Zealand continues Sundays at 7pm on TVNZ 2. Get your tickets to the LIVE FINAL right here.