WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Survivor New Zealand. Stream the latest episodes right here.


It was a fight to the death this week for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits. 

Players had to face off one on one, and try to push each other off a podium into the mud, sumo-style. 

They didn’t hold back, with everyone mucking in and landing some epic blows. 

It was a battle of the giants in the final round, with a dirt-encrusted Josh and Arun battling it out. 

Josh came through to win it 10-5 for Khangkhaw. Needless to say, they went nuts for the shortbread. 


Josh and Arun met again at this week’s Outpost. There was no challenge though, only a moral dilemma.

The boys had the choice to save someone in their tribe from elimination, but the same person would have to sit out of the upcoming Immunity challenge.

Josh nobly (or sneakily maybe) chose himself, but Arun opted for Eve. She was slightly hurt by being perceived as a weak link, but decided to use it to her advantage. 

Away from camp, Josh and Arun took the opportunity to gain intel on their opposing tribes.

They also struck up a secret alliance, vowing to stick together if they make it to the merge. 


Leading up to the Immunity challenge, there was talk among Khangkhaw’s ringleaders that it was time they took a trip to Tribal... 

Four members were chained together by the ankles, and they had to make their way across a series of obstacles, releasing knots and bags as they went. 

Tess (perhaps purposely?) fumbled on her knots, giving Chani a pretty big head start. 

The bags contained nunchucks, which Brad and Arun had to throw and land on horizontal poles to score points.

Brad seemed to overshoot a lot of his throws, meaning Arun took the lead and Chani took the Immunity.

Mission accomplished. 


This week’s elimination seemed pretty cut and dry in the lead-up to Tribal Council. 

Majority of Khangkahw wanted Dylan out, brought down by his “bad attitude” and lack of sportsmanship. 

Kaysha, his only ally, convinced him to spend every available minute hunting for an Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, she tried her best to plant doubt in the minds of her tribe mates. 

At their date with Matt Chisholm later, Dylan was in the firing line. Adam in particular, didn’t hold back in his critiques.

Kaysha got upset, standing up for Dylan and admitting she doesn’t like people feeling like they’re alone in the world. Her compassion, it seems, was her downfall. 

In perhaps the biggest blindside of the season so far, the majority of Khangkhaw voted for Kaysha. Before the votes were read, there wasn’t so much as a whisper that she was in danger. 

A strong player from the start, she was perceived as a threat, and her friendship with Dylan put her on the wrong side of the numbers. 

Dylan and Kaysha’s shock mirrored our own, but her torch was snuffed and she walked out of the game a heroine. 

Survivor New Zealand continues Sundays at 7pm on TVNZ 2.